My node's not running!

Hakan Mattsson hakan@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 09:51:48 CET 1998

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Martin Bjorklund wrote:

Martin> Try this instead:
Martin> clip ~> erl -sname a -mnesia dir '"/tmp/mdb"'
Martin> Erlang (JAM) emulator version 47.4.0
Martin> Eshell V47.4.0  (abort with ^G)
Martin> (a@REDACTED)1> mnesia:create_schema([node()]).
Martin> ok
Martin> (a@REDACTED)2> mnesia:start().
Martin> ok
Martin> (a@REDACTED)3> mnesia:create_table(funky,[]).
Martin> {atomic,ok}
Martin> /martin

Please, note the order of the calls to mnesia:start/0 and
mnesia:create_schema/1 in Martin's reply.

In Ben's original posting the calls was in reverse order.  As an
effect of this, Mnesia was started in a disk less mode. Later when the
mnesia:create_schema/1 was invoked, in order to initiate the database
on disk, it failed since Mnesia already was started.

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	Starting Mnesia in disk less mode is rather convenient, when
	you want to try some API functions out in the Erlang shell,
	without polluting your disk with temporary toy databases.

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