How not to compiling libraries

Ben Hyde bhyde@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 03:35:37 CET 1998

I bet I'm going to be sorry about this.

$ cd /home/bhyde/incomming/erlang-47.4.0/libraries/
$ for D in *-* ; do (cd $D; gmake CC_ROOT=/home/bhyde/incomming/erlang-47.4.0/) done
erlc -W  -bjam   -o../ebin appmon_dg.erl
erlc -W  -bjam   -o../ebin appmon_info.erl
erlc -o sys_bifs.erl /home/bhyde/incomming/erlang-47.4.0/erts/system/emulator/runtime/
erlc -W  -bjam  -I../../stdlib/include -W -o../ebin sys_bifs.erl
erlc -W  -bjam  -I../../stdlib/include -W -o../ebin jam_asm.erl
Compiler function compile:compile/3 returned:

>From there on in all the compiles fail, with a similar failure.

Looks like I compiled the ground right out from under me.

I presume I need to now reinstall and then be careful only to gmake
the libraries that were not shipped already compiled?

 - ben hyde

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