How not to compiling libraries

Sebastian Strollo seb@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 09:38:12 CET 1998

Ben Hyde <bhyde@REDACTED> writes:
> I bet I'm going to be sorry about this.

Ouch, yes maybe.

> >From there on in all the compiles fail, with a similar failure.
> Looks like I compiled the ground right out from under me.

Well, er hum, maybe yes. Our fault! In our rush to ship the system we
didn't properly check the dependencies/ordering for building all the
libraries. I know for a fact that the compiler dependencies are broken
in the shipped version, at least to the extent that it tries to
recompile itself even though it shouldn't.

> I presume I need to now reinstall and then be careful only to gmake
> the libraries that were not shipped already compiled?

The way we do it in the toplevel makefile is to filter out the
libraries which can't be compiled.

If you want to rebuild all the libraries I recommend either, at the
toplevel run "make new_libraries", or descend in the individual
libraries that you wish to recompile and run "gmake

-- Sebastian

A way of restoring the compiler, if you still have the base tar file,
could be to unpack just the compiler over what you have now. So:

% cd /home/bhyde/incomming
% gzcat erlang-47.4.0.base.tar.gz | tar xf - erlang-47.4.0/erts-47.4.0/lib/compiler-1.2.1/ebin

I Hope this helps!

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