My node's not running!

Ben Hyde bhyde@REDACTED
Tue Dec 15 19:29:37 CET 1998

Is there an master index of symbols, were in I might look
up "node_not_running"?

The net_kernel man seems to discuss starting and stoping
something, but clearly it's not the node in question
in the error message below.



and various other kicking of the tires...

  (watson@REDACTED)7> mnesia:create_table(funky,[]).

Maybe this is useful...

(watson@REDACTED)8> mnesia:info().
===> System info in version [], debug level = none <===
opt_disc. Directory "/tmp/mdb" is used.
use fallback at restart = true
running db nodes   = []
stopped db nodes   = [nonode@REDACTED] 

Thanks for your help.   - ben

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