erlang real system sizing and metrics.

Bjarne Däcker bjarne@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 09:33:08 CET 1998

Joe Armstrong wrote:

> > In a recent post to the mailing list it was mentioned that erlang has
> > been used in large systems within Ericsson. Without gettin into the
> > proprietary details of these projects would it be possible to get
> > some detail that addresses:
> >
> >        1. The General Applications (or Systems) that were built or are
> >          being built.
>         For obvious reasons we can only point you at the open literature.
>         A good source of information is

One reference:

Look for the article with the title "Ericsson ATM Switch AXD 301 - A
New Way to Design Systems".

The following two references describe large systems based
on Erlang/OTP:

"AXD 301--A new generation ATM switching system"

"ANx--High-speed Internet access"

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