erlang real system sizing and metrics.

Tue Dec 15 19:29:20 CET 1998

In a recent post to the mailing list it was mentioned that erlang has 
been used in large systems within Ericsson. Without gettin into the 
proprietary details of these projects would it be possible to get 
some detail that addresses: 

       1. The General Applications (or Systems) that were built or are    
         being built. 
        2. Some ideas on the platform used, I have seen reference         
             to an Ericsson specific board running Vxworks. Any systems 
             running on 'workstation' like environments.
        3. Usage of the OTP system and some mertics on its use. 
             i.e size and access/change metrics of the database,                
            number of replicas etc, overal system performance. 
         4. Complexity of developed systems i.e. use of supervisors,      
             event handing, fault tolerance & load sharing behaviors,          
             number of nodes involved in distributed system.
          5. The mix of erlang vs other languages (example C/C++etc)     
            in these developements. 

-- Kevin

Kevin Glavin
(408) 535 2781

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