erlang real system sizing and metrics.

Ben Hyde bhyde@REDACTED
Tue Dec 15 19:41:03 CET 1998

The "Erlang - A survey of the language and it's industrial
applications" paper covers some of these questions.  You
can download a postscript copy off of
It's a few years old.  It's comforting. - ben

kevin@REDACTED writes:
>In a recent post to the mailing list it was mentioned that erlang has 
>been used in large systems within Ericsson. Without gettin into the 
>proprietary details of these projects would it be possible to get 
>some detail that addresses: 
>       1. The General Applications (or Systems) that were built or are    
>         being built. 
>        2. Some ideas on the platform used, I have seen reference         
>             to an Ericsson specific board running Vxworks. Any systems 
>             running on 'workstation' like environments.
>        3. Usage of the OTP system and some mertics on its use. 
>             i.e size and access/change metrics of the database,                
>            number of replicas etc, overal system performance. 
>         4. Complexity of developed systems i.e. use of supervisors,      
>             event handing, fault tolerance & load sharing behaviors,          
>             number of nodes involved in distributed system.
>          5. The mix of erlang vs other languages (example C/C++etc)     
>            in these developements. 
>-- Kevin
>Kevin Glavin
>(408) 535 2781

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