[erlang-patches] Fix wrong spec for ets:new/2 in HiPE/dialyzer

Kostis Sagonas <>
Thu Dec 16 10:20:37 CET 2010

Jesper Louis Andersen wrote:
> ...  To fix it, please fetch
> git fetch git://github.com/jlouis/otp.git fix-hipe-spec-ets-new
> As this is my first patch, please get back to me if anything is
> inadequate. I have attempted to follow the guide, but may have
> overlooked something in the process. The code survives a compile, but
> I have not run the release tests on it.

Thanks for noticing this and for your patch.

Your Erlang code is ok, but please change some things in the comment:

  - adding extra spaces and the trailing | in the line which reads:
	Option = Type | Access |  named_table  |  {keypos,Pos}  |
    is totally unnecessary -- and the | is arguably wrong there

  - use boolean() instead of bool() and integer() instead of int().
    The OTP documentation should be updated to use the proper names
    of these types.

If you do these changes, your patch can be included as is in 'dev'.

Thanks again,


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