Fix wrong spec for ets:new/2 in HiPE/dialyzer

Jesper Louis Andersen <>
Thu Dec 16 04:03:14 CET 2010


The HiPE dialyzer forgot to add some cases for the new Tweak options
like 'compressed' so it reports errors in lines using them. Any caller
using, e.g.,

ets:new(foo, [{read_concurrency, true}, compressed]),

will be a non-returning function to the dialyzer because neither of
the Option values are in its success typing hardcoding in
erl_bif_types.erl. To fix it, please fetch

git fetch git:// fix-hipe-spec-ets-new

As this is my first patch, please get back to me if anything is
inadequate. I have attempted to follow the guide, but may have
overlooked something in the process. The code survives a compile, but
I have not run the release tests on it.


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