[eeps] Request for comments on EEP-25 "Unnesting cases"

Robert Virding <>
Sat Dec 20 00:44:30 CET 2008

2008/12/19 Ulf Wiger <>

> 2008/12/19 Raimo Niskanen <<raimo%>
> >:
> > I would like you to submit comments regarding EEP-25 on the
> >  mailing list.
> I for one find it acceptable. The "; or case" construct is ok -
> perhaps not extremely elegant, but conveys the meaning
> very well.

Note that "; or case" is Richard's O'Keefe's way of writing it, "normally"
it would look like:

case Expr of
    Pat -> Expr ;
    or case Expr of
    Pat -> Expr ;
    Pat -> Expr ;
    or case ...

Richard prefers using the separators as a form of keyword. You probably
don't need the extra 'or' though it might make it clearer.

As an alternative suggestion is to have cond but to extend the test to have
a boolena match:

    test1() -> ... ;
    Pat = expr() -> ... ;

and allow guards. It wouldn't be as versatile as the suggestion in the EEP.

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