Fourth ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop

Tallinn, Estonia, September 25, 2005

Satellite event of ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming, September 26-28, 2005

Erlang is a concurrent, distributed functional programming language aimed at systems with requirements on massive concurrency, soft real time response, fault tolerance, and high availability. It has been available as open source for several years creating a community that actively contributes to its already existing rich set of libraries and applications. Originally created for telecom applications, its usage has spread to other domains including e-commerce, banking, and computer telephony.

Erlang programs are today among the largest applications written in any functional programming language. These applications offer new opportunities to evaluate functional programming and functional programming methods on a very large scale and suggest new problems for the research community to solve.

This workshop will bring together the open source, academic, and industrial programming communities of Erlang. It will enable participants to familiarize themselves with recent developments on new techniques and tools tailored to Erlang, novel applications, draw lessons from users' experiences and identify research problems and common areas relevant to the practice of Erlang and functional programming.

Workshop Programme
08.50Welcome by the PC and Workshop Chair 
Session I
09.00Invited Talk
Ulf Wiger
09.45A Stream Library using Erlang Binaries
Jay Nelson
10.00Bit-Level Binaries and Generalized Comprehensions in Erlang
Per Gustafsson and Konstantinos Sagonas
Session II
11.00TypEr: A Type Annotator of Erlang Code
Tobias Lindahl and Konstantinos Sagonas
11.30Verifying Fault Tolerant Erlang Programs
Clara Benac Earle, Lars-Åke Fredlund, and John Derrick
12.00A New Leader Election Implementation
Hans Svensson and Thomas Arts
12.15Atom Garbage Collection
Thomas Lindgren
12.30Lunch break 
Session III
14.30Remote Controlling Devices using Instant Messaging
Simon Aurell
15.00A High Performance Erlang TCP/IP Stack
Javier París, Alberto Valderruten, and Victor M. Gulias
15.30ERESYE: Artificial Intelligence in Erlang Programs
Antonella Di Stefano, Francesca Gangemi, and Corrado Santoro
Session IV
16.30Modeling Erlang in the Pi-Calculus
Thomas Noll and Chanchal Kumar Roy
17.00A Semantics for Distributed Erlang
Koen Claessen and Hans Svensson
17.155-minute "Madness" Session
Various participants
18.00 Discussion, Report from the Program Committee, Closing Comments  

Workshop Chair

Program Chair
Program Committee
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  • Extra copies of the Proceedings, 15 EUR.
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