Lacuna Space looking for Erlang developer

Jeroen Koops jeroen@REDACTED
Fri Aug 20 09:52:02 CEST 2021

Lacuna Space, a UK and Netherlands based startup offering IoT
connectivity using its own fleet of small satellites, is looking
for an experienced Erlang developer to join the team.

* Design, code and test new features for Lacuna's
  backend system in Erlang/OTP
* Find and solve defects in the systems currently in use
* Liaise with the payload firmware team to realise
  features to be implemented across both the payload and
  the backend

Skills and Experience:
* Demonstrable experience (3+ years) developing
  systems in Erlang/OTP
* Able to manage themselve, and to make themselve valuable
  in a fast-moving company
* Knowledge of SQL databases
* Experience with Linux
* Good verbal and written communication in English
* Desirable:
    - experience in any of the following: C, Docker, PostgreSQL, Python
    - experience with, or an interest in spaceflight and orbital mechanics
    - experience with, or an interest in Lora, LoraWan and IoT

* This is a remote position, you will be working from home most of the time
* Both contractors or employees will be considered
* At this point, only candidates from the United Kingdom will be
  considered. This is non-negotiable - we have run this posting before,
  and although a significant number of qualified candidates replied,
  we had to turn most of them down immediately because they were not
  UK residents.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Jeroen Koops

About Lacuna Space

Lacuna Space, based in the UK and the Netherlands, is a global
Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity provider. It offers low cost,
easy and reliable global connections to sensors and mobile equipment
everywhere. The company is revolutionising the connection of sensors
and equipment to the internet with low-power, wide-area networking
technology. This connection revolution is being built around
open-standards and freely available network chips that developers
can easily configure into flexible and secure networks, ready to
be deployed publicly, privately or by communities.

Lacuna Space's plan is to deploy a constellation of small
satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) forming the Lacuna Network.
Because the satellites travel in polar orbits, the Lacuna Network
will provide ubiquitous coverage for devices in regions without
reliable wireless coverage.
The company works closely with The Things Network in Amsterdam. Its
network includes developers and collaborators in the US, France and

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