Connecting cluster with different cookies

James Aimonetti james@REDACTED
Tue Aug 10 17:41:12 CEST 2021

Raimo Niskanen writes:

> Would it be sufficient to be able to set the default cookie
> for a node with e.g a new API function erlang:set_cookie(Cookie)?

The setup would be two+ Erlang nodes connect to N FreeSWITCH C-nodes.

Each FreeSWITCH C-node can set an independent cookie value; this value
is stored in a config database that the Erlang nodes use when connecting
to the C-nodes.

The Erlang nodes have their own unique cookie as well, set at startup.

But this feature is not used, according to my brief survey of our
community that might even know about it (most did not). Most everyone
matches the Erlang nodes' cookie to their C-node configuration's cookie,
so no extra database configuration is required.

So more just a datapoint that set_cookie/2 was known and thought to be
useful 8ish years ago :) But is not relevant for our usecase anymore.

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