rebar 2 not working with Erlang 23

Jan Chochol jan.chochol@REDACTED
Thu May 14 08:39:12 CEST 2020

Unfortunately it fails with the same error, if rebar is compiled with
either old Eralng or with Erlang 23.
Reproducer in the ticket uses docker image with Docker file
- it compiles rebar with Erlang 23.

Nevertheless - according to source code comment, it should work if
rebar is compiled with R15 or newer.

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 8:29 AM José Valim <jose.valim@REDACTED> wrote:
> The error seems to be expected. rebar2 executable needs to be recompiled with a more recent Erlang/OTP version.
> On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 7:24 AM Jan Chochol <jan.chochol@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It looks like rebar 2 is not working with Erlang 23.
>> If you have the same problems, I already submitted a bug report -
>> It is slightly possible that it affects other escripts too.
>> Regards,
>> Jan

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