Implementation of my own BIF function

Andrew Thompson andrew@REDACTED
Fri Mar 13 00:04:20 CET 2020

On Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 09:44:11PM +0300, Sergey Loguntsov wrote:
> Hi, everybody.
> I tried to implement my own BIF-function which is implemented inside Erlang
> sources.

You should use a NIF not a BIF.
> So i made sources of this function in erts/emulator/beam/bif.c and i have
> changed erts/emulator/beam/
> (
> )
> i found also i must change erts_internal.erl module in /erts/preloaded/src
> folder.
> So i made it:
> My problem is .. there are prebuilded files based on erts/preloaded/ebin
> and actually they are not updating every time what i'm building Erlang.
> They are committed as part of sources (seems this is big crutch).
> So my question is what is right way to update preloaded modules (beam
> files) ?
> May be there is another way to have BIF function outside from Erlang
> sources ? and building them together ?

You can use `./otp_build update_preloaded` if you really want to do this
which will recompile the precompiled beams for you. However be careful
as it will also make a git commit for you(??).


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