Implementation of my own BIF function

Sergey Loguntsov loguntsov@REDACTED
Thu Mar 12 19:44:11 CET 2020

Hi, everybody.

I tried to implement my own BIF-function which is implemented inside Erlang

So i made sources of this function in erts/emulator/beam/bif.c and i have
changed erts/emulator/beam/
i found also i must change erts_internal.erl module in /erts/preloaded/src
So i made it:

My problem is .. there are prebuilded files based on erts/preloaded/ebin
and actually they are not updating every time what i'm building Erlang.
They are committed as part of sources (seems this is big crutch).
So my question is what is right way to update preloaded modules (beam
files) ?
May be there is another way to have BIF function outside from Erlang
sources ? and building them together ?

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