[erlang-questions] How to view the content of memory using gdb

Marc Worrell marc@REDACTED
Tue May 21 08:50:16 CEST 2019

Do you have some other logs?
Preferably the one where the message below is printed.

> On 21 May 2019, at 05:39, Monk Boy <boyofmonk@REDACTED> wrote:
> #2  0x000000000045806e in erl_exit_vv (n=1, flush_async=flush_async@REDACTED=0, fmt=fmt@REDACTED=0x5fbce8 "%s: Cannot %s %lu bytes of memory (of type \"%s\", thread %d).\n", args1=args1@REDACTED=0x7fda361ba830, args2=args2@REDACTED=0x7fda361ba848)
>     at beam/erl_init.c:2123

This could be out of memory, but also something else “Cannot %s” …

If it is OOM then you can easily check the memory usage of beam.smp whilst it is running.
That would give enough hints.

Also check your running server with ‘etop’. 

Cowboy has configurations max request content length, it will refuse the request with a 4xx error.
Afaik it defaults to 64K for urlencoded bodies and 8M for other bodies.

- Marc

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