[erlang-questions] Equal binaries with different integers

Mon May 6 11:51:53 CEST 2019

On 2019年5月3日金曜日 9時51分39秒 JST dieter@REDACTED wrote:
> "Trying" can be used as a noun, so it makes sense.
> On the technical part of Craig's examples:
> I like the erlang bit/binary syntax a lot, it allowed me to parse packet headers of binary socket protocols 
> with (nearly) oneliners, compared to nasty bit-shifting and masking in C.
> dieter

Yes, but Michael is right. I had originally started my reply with something like "Your example..." and then changed my approach, edited my sentence, and never properly re-wrote it from the beginning.

I try to make an effort to write properly because many readers are not native English speakers. Analogous typos (and slang) in Japanese and German occasionally throw me for a loop as well, so I have a lot of sympathy for feelings of annoyance at these kinds of mistakes.

Sorry about the confusion!
Hopefully the example in Erlang was clearer than my poorly written English.


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