[erlang-questions] Elixir community, please be more responsible; Erlang community, please demand it.

Bryan Paxton starbelly@REDACTED
Sat Mar 23 18:22:29 CET 2019

 FWIW the speaker in question has never come across to me as being
hostile towards Erlang, etc. They have always been very laid back, open
to ideas, erlang, etc. In fact, I was talking to them about Erlang
earlier this week and they encouraged me to talk about Erlang in an
Elixir dominated environment :) So, I have to assume that things came
across the wrong way due to language barriers, etc.  Jokes in particular
get lost in translation easily and can be seen as something hostile or
malicious...  The folly of language.

 Then there's always the possibility the talk was a behavioral
experiment :)

   But I'm glad we got a line of communication open as that's the only
way that squashes these issues. The BEAM communities need group therapy
sometimes IMO :)

 There's been a lot of hostility from the Erlang community towards
Elixir in the past... and I wonder if the echoes of all that are so
ingrained in some of us that we have knee jerk reactions sometimes
(i.e., we hear something from an Elixir speaker and absolutely take it
the wrong way). Having come from Elixir to Erlang I very much have seen
both sides of that coin. I know this much....

 The main thing... Elixir is Erlang, LFE is Elang, Efene is Erlang,
Gleam is Erlang, etc.... While from one side it appears Elixir is
another language... I don't think many, especially in the Elixir
community feel that way... especially core members, syntactical
differences aside Elixir is erlang. BEAM on!



On 3/23/19 11:57 AM, Oliver Korpilla wrote:
> I hear you. One can only hope. Those things always happen, though,
> almost invariably. I guess it has mostly to do with the desire to
> carve one's own niche.
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> more responsible; Erlang community, please demand it.
>  I hear ya... I was being lazy :) I see who it is and I have to wonder
> if some of what he said was in gest? Maybe just didn't come across
> right? I hope so :(
> --
> Bryan
> On 3/23/19 11:44 AM, Oliver Korpilla wrote:
>     I'd prefer no calling out of the name, what good will that do?
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>     *Betreff:* Re: [erlang-questions] Elixir community, please be more
>     responsible; Erlang community, please demand it.
>      Who was the speaker?
>     On 3/23/19 11:13 AM, arif@REDACTED wrote:
>     > Yesterday I attended the Code Beam Lite conference in Bologna,
>     Italy. It
>     > ended with a keynote by an Elixir Core Team member, entitled "Elixir
>     > Architecture 101".
>     >
>     > At the end of an otherwise interesting talk, which started with the
>     > presenter saying he hated Erlang (some in the audience found it
>     funny)
>     > and in which he occasionally made fun of Joe and of the perceived
>     > shortcomings of Erlang, I couldn’t help wonder where Elixir was
>     in all
>     > that talk, since the “Elixir” architecture presented, was
>     practically
>     > OTP.
>     >
>     > I find this very much in bad taste and not helpful towards a
>     beneficial
>     > sharing and spreading of knowledge. I don’t know if the Code of
>     Conduct
>     > of the Code Beam conferences contemplates this, but I would favour
>     > forbidding it.
>     >
>     > If Elixir has something good to offer, and I think it has, let its
>     > community showcase that, advance the common good and knowledge,
>     and not
>     > promote its cause through what, in my eyes, would amount to
>     plagiarism,
>     > viz. letting things pass for Elixir, when they are Erlang/OTP, nor
>     > through ridiculing anyone or anything, least of all the very
>     things or
>     > persons that made it even possible. It not only looks childish
>     to me, I
>     > believe it is also damaging to the many excellent minds in the very
>     > Elixir community.
>     >
>     > Elixir community, please be more responsible; Erlang community,
>     please
>     > demand it.
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