[erlang-questions] enif_release_resource and enif_make_resource

Mikael Karlsson karlsson.rm@REDACTED
Mon Jul 8 22:50:24 CEST 2019

Thu 4 juli 2019 16:11 Max Lapshin <max.lapshin@REDACTED> wrote:

> I have following code in nif:
> State *s = enif_alloc_resource(..)
> enif_self(env, &s->owner);
> ERL_NIF_TERM term = enif_make_resource(env, s);
> enif_release_resource(s);
> return term;
> Then later another thread (not written by me) is calling my callback
> function:
> void mycallback(void *obj)
> {
>   State *s = obj;
>   ErlNifEnv *msg_env = enif_alloc_env();
>   ERL_NIF_TERM term = enif_make_resource(msg_env, s);
>   enif_send(NULL, &s->owner, msg_env, term);
>   enif_free_env(msg_env);
> }
> Is this code correct?
> Should I put release_resource for each make_resource or only for
> release_resource?
> Is this calling of enif_send correct?
> I'm afraid that I miss these answers in documentation or cannot find them.
Your code looks good to me.
I only  call enif_release_resource for references obtained by
enif_alloc_resource. If you check the documentation for
enif_release_resource I think it is pretty clear about this.
And enif_send looks ok too.
Maybe you will have a problem if the pid used in the callback is from the
same object you allocated in the previous statement, then I do not think
that you shall call enif_release_resource at all. And if you only wan't to
keep the pid for a callback maybe enif_alloc is enough too?
  ErlNifPid* pid = (ErlNifPid*) enif_alloc(sizeof(ErlNifPid));
  enif_self(env, pid);
  ...code to add pid to callback handler..
 and do not call enif_free
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