[erlang-questions] releases + warning for application resource file

Fri Jul 5 18:26:09 CEST 2019

Is there a heuristic or tactic for ensuring that
one's application includes all the necessary OTP
applications (listed in the application resource
file's list of `applications')?

I've had it happen a couple times where
I'll use a module belonging to, say `inets,'
compiling is just fine, code works locally,
and release-building is all good too.
However, I'll ship the release and since 
`inets' wasn't listed in the application 
resource file, at runtime, calling, say 
`httpd_util' module, falls over.

I suppose I'm looking to toggle on something
in `relx' or even better, `erlc' to Error-out
when my code calls modules that won't be 
accessible in a release.


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