[erlang-questions] Emacs + Flycheck + rebar3 + proper

arkdro arkdro@REDACTED
Thu Nov 29 09:18:08 CET 2018

> In emacs while editing PropEr tests, flycheck complains about not being
> able to find "proper/include/proper.hrl" which is obvious since that lib
> is somewhere sitting in the _build directory and not defined in ERL_LIBS.
> How do you guys configure emacs in a situation like this?
> PropEr is part of the test profile in rebar3.

Would it help?
(setq flycheck-erlang-include-path (append (file-expand-wildcards
(expand-file-name "./ProjectName/??ps")) (file-expand-wildcards
(expand-file-name "./ProjectName/??ps/*/include")) (file-expand-wildcards
(expand-file-name "./ProjectName/_build/default/lib/*/include"))
(file-expand-wildcards (expand-file-name
"./ProjectName/_build/default/lib")) flycheck-erlang-include-path))

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