[erlang-questions] Video Topic Ideas

Zachary Kessin zkessin@REDACTED
Tue Nov 27 12:24:06 CET 2018

Hi All

I have been making videos about Erlang and Elixir and posting them on
youtube on "The Beam Channel <https://www.youtube.com/c/beamchannel>". I
would like to ask for suggestions for topic ideas! What are questions that
year have about Erlang or Elixir or that people are always asking you about
Erlang? (Or other beam languages)

I am happy to cover both basic and advanced questions, so nothing is too

Feel free to email me or use this web form

Thanks and everyone have a great week!

Zach Kessin
+972 54 234 3956 / +44 203 734 9790 / +1 617 778 7213

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