[erlang-questions] Does enif_schedule_nif schedule a NIF for the same scheduler thread?

Edmond Begumisa ebegumisa@REDACTED
Sun Nov 25 08:33:02 CET 2018

PS. I guess the same question applies to ERL_NIF_DIRTY_JOB_CPU_BOUND or  
ERL_NIF_DIRTY_JOB_IO_BOUND flags when enif_schedule_nif is called from a  
dirty CPU/IO scheduler. Will the future NIF be executed on the very same  
dirty CPU/IO scheduler thread?

- Edmond -

On Sun, 25 Nov 2018 17:26:34 +1000, Edmond Begumisa  
<ebegumisa@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hello all,
> If I call enif_schedule_nif from a regular scheduler thread with the  
> flags argument set to zero, when the emulator gets around to executing  
> it, will my scheduled NIF be called from the very same regular scheduler  
> thread as when I called enif_schedule_nif? Or could it be any regular  
> scheduler thread?
> Thanks in advance.
> - Edmond -

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