[erlang-questions] looking for an imap server/client lib

Benoit Chesneau bchesneau@REDACTED
Wed Jan 31 09:08:51 CET 2018


For a toy project I'm looking for a lib that would allows me to build an imap server in *Erlang* independently of its storage layer, ie. being able to react to IMAP commands and return the content needed from them. DO you hav any lib to advise ?

I've found: 

eimap: https://github.com/altenwald/eimap <https://github.com/altenwald/eimap> , client
guam: https://git.kolab.org/diffusion/G/guam.git <https://git.kolab.org/diffusion/G/guam.git> not sur what it does 
diemap: https://github.com/Vagabond/diemap <https://github.com/Vagabond/diemap> unmaintained,"Initial import - doesn't really work at all yet <https://github.com/Vagabond/diemap/commit/b77f9cfb1fbc42b3e033f057deb986b4dae5d909>"
erlimap: https://github.com/boorad/erlimap <https://github.com/boorad/erlimap> unmaintained, "work in progress..."
switchboard: http://switchboard.spatch.co <http://switchboard.spatch.co/> has a client inside, unmaintained?

Is there anything I missed?

- benoît
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