[erlang-questions] ANN: erlPress_core V. 0.01

Thu Aug 30 18:48:16 CEST 2018

Generate PDFs from your Erlang applications.

GitHub: writersglen:erlPress_core

MIT license.

erlPress_core modifies and extends the Hugh Watkins fork of Erlang Erlguten originally developed by Joe Armstrong.

Joe Armstrong set out an ambitious goal: "Better than TeX."


But development flagged. 

erlPress_core picks up the baton. With your creative and technical help, our aspiration is to bring Joe's vision to reality and beyond.

We see erlPress_core as the base for many as yet-to-be-developed Erlang applications for creative print media publishing tools.

To see current functionality, display .../pdf/galleys/ep_show_n_tell.pdf. For source see ../src/tests/ep_show_n_tell.erl.

erlPress_core is not yet the polished gem we envision. Your help in buffing up rough edges and fleshing out functionality is heartily welcome.

Among other things, Erlguten source contains still more hidden gems than we've been able to dig out for lack of technical understanding or time. We'd love to integrate them into erlPress_core.

High on our help-wanted list: typefaces in erlPress_core are currently limited to PostScript Type I. Support for OTF, TTF, and/or maybe TeX fonts rank high on our road map. Your help here would be welcomed and much appreciated. We have ideas how this can be done if you're interested.

And more... we look forward to the creative applications that erlPress_core will enable you to build. 

P.S. Thanks to Frank Muller and others who have encouraged and supported development of erlPress_core.

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