[erlang-questions] Why RPC in Erlang? [was: How RPC works in erlang?]

Heinz N. Gies heinz@REDACTED
Fri Oct 6 04:18:22 CEST 2017

RPC is used for tests (when you want to control another node) and CLI wrappers, (when you want to execute commands on a remote node from a script). In both cases it makes sense and isn’t at odds with the erlang principles.

> On 6. Oct 2017, at 04:03, zxq9 <zxq9@REDACTED> wrote:
> On 2017年10月05日 木曜日 10:50:41 Miles Fidelman wrote:
>> I guess an obvious question is why does Erlang have an RPC mechanism at
>> all?  It's so at odds with the basic architecture of message-passing
>> concurrency.
> To be more precise, "Why is there an RPC module in the standard library?"
> RPC is not part of the language or runtime, of course, it is just a module
> written on top of the bits that already exist in Erlang. Any message that
> is sent might initiate an RPC -- or might not. The term "RPC" doesn't even
> make much sense to use in the context of Erlang, and one might notice that
> this term is actually never used by long-time Erlangers.
> I don't think I've ever seen any code that uses the RPC module, either.
> Maybe at some point someone thought they needed it, or there may have been
> pressure to include that to comply with someone's expectations -- but I've
> never found it useful or seen anyone other than beginning Erlangers even
> read the docs or ask questions about it (and they stop once they find out
> how gen_server:call/2 works over disterl).
> "Why is there BERT?", on the other hand, is a question with a ready answer.
> -Craig
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