[erlang-questions] What the reason for connection closed error message.?

Arun arunp@REDACTED
Mon May 15 06:56:58 CEST 2017


     I am running my application on a distributed way, with one server 
node and multiple client nodes and all nodes are started in *visible* 
mode. A SNMP agent is running in the server node and I have a GUI 
through which I can access all the nodes in the distributed system. The 
SNMP query will be landing in the server node and which further does rpc 
to the specific client node and serve the query.

The problem what I am facing is that after the complete nodes are up 
while accessing properties of some client nodes, the server node is 
getting node down messages for most of the client nodes connected to it 
with reason "*connection_closed*" . The physical connection is intact 
and there is no ping break between the nodes.

What could be the reason for this error. ? and what are the 
circumstances this error can come.?

Note : The tick time is set to 5 Second in all the nodes.

Arun P
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