[erlang-questions] Can't update xterm title bar from Erlang

Roger Lipscombe roger@REDACTED
Fri May 12 21:28:39 CEST 2017

I have the following:

    put_progress(Format, Args) ->
                     [tsl(), io_lib:format(Format, Args), fsl()]),
                     [colored(), io_lib:format(Format, Args), reset(),

    tsl() -> "\e]0;".
    fsl() -> "\a".
    colored() -> "\e[1;44m".
    reset() -> "\e[0m".

That is: output the same message to the title bar (tsl, fsl are the tput
capability names; see https://serverfault.com/a/23998/7027), and then (for
now) also output it in colour, so that I can see if it's being called

Unfortunately, something is messing with my tsl() and fsl() escape codes.
The coloured text is coming out correctly, but the other stuff's garbage.
The escape codes are correct; I've tested them at the bash prompt with
"echo -e '\e]0;Hello\a'".

So... what's screwing with them when they're output from ct_run?

Interestingly, if I try the same at the Erlang prompt, it hangs the shell
until I press Ctrl+C twice, at which point the text is output, but still
messed up.

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