[erlang-questions] gen_fsm.html deletes all of the function spec in 20.0-rc1, I know the gen_fsm is deprecated, but I think the function doc should not be deleted.

getonga getonga@REDACTED
Fri May 12 05:52:26 CEST 2017

I compile the 20.0-rc1, and build the doc myself. And I learn that gen_fsm module is deprecated. When compiled the source code, an error will be occured:
Warning: gen_fsm:start_link/3 is deprecated and will be removed in a future release; use gen_statem:start/3
Or something else.

When I look into the doc, the gen_fsm module's all function docs are deleted, and I check the doc source, it is modified.

But I think the function doc should be remaind, there are still a lot of projects using gen_fsm. When we look into doc, we can get the function meaning as before.
Just like the module random. The random module is deprecated, but the function docs are not deleted,  we can still refer to it.
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