[erlang-questions] Windows 10 Fast Startup compatibility with Erlang

Przemek przemunio@REDACTED
Tue May 2 20:07:19 CEST 2017


Recently I discovered that Fast Startup Windows 10 feature is causing
unpredictable Erlang behavior, one example is that it is causing that
service processes are put into some kind of sleep mode instead of stopping
them and starting later.
>From what I heard Erlang runtime does not work well when going into sleep
mode, some timers work incorrectly then. I was struggling for almost one
year with RabbitMQ being unresponsive for 2-3h every Monday, now I've found
that Fast Startup is causing such mess.

Currently I'm trying to find any resources related to Erlang and Fast
Startup feature, does anybody know something about it? How to avoid such
issue? Is it possible to provide some kind of fix in order to prevent such
cases for Windows 10 users? Or at least letting them know that they should
probably turn this feature off?

 Przemek D.
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