[erlang-questions] My quest for a decent way to make a GUI in Erlang

Onorio Catenacci Catenacci@REDACTED
Thu Jul 27 14:29:13 CEST 2017

First of all, thanks Joe for feeding my magpie developer
<https://blog.codinghorror.com/the-magpie-developer/> syndrome with more
cool new stuff to look at!

Secondly, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who remembers the idea
of building a GUI for a desktop app.  The default answer for most all
developers seems to be slap together a webapp--which is fine for a lot of
situations but there are definite advantages to a genuine GUI on a desktop

Sadly it seems to be the case that a lot of developers are opting to learn
JavaScript and all the hacks needed to make that a viable platform than
learning better ways of doing things.  That seems to follow from the
"everything must be a webapp" school of thinking.

Onorio Catenacci

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