[erlang-questions] ssh-agent support for ssh:connect/4?

Robert Wilkinson bob@REDACTED
Thu Jul 20 12:08:37 CEST 2017

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 10:03:27AM -0400, Frank Hunleth wrote:
> I have a client application that uses ssh:connect to connect to a
> server and do a few tasks. I'm using public key authentication, but
> the private key is password protected. I'm currently using the
> rsa_pass_phrase option but passing the password around in the clear is
> not desirable at all. There's also a strong desire to keep the private
> keys password protected. I was wondering how others handled this.
> Using ssh-agent is certainly an option for me if that can be
> integrated into the Erlang ssh client somehow. If other options exist,
> that would be great too.
> Thanks,
> Frank

Hi Frank

For automation, and where I know that my private key is secure
(where secure varies dependent on how concerned I am for the data) I
use a key-pair combination with *no password* and then load the
private key into ssh-agent, and then I can connect to the machine
which has the public key in it's authorized_keys file.

However, using ssh-agent would work fine if there were a passphrase
but usually it does not matter to me.

Note that I did not mention erland here ...

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