[erlang-questions] wxErlang - some answers

PAILLEAU Eric eric.pailleau@REDACTED
Sat Jul 8 11:28:52 CEST 2017

Hello Joe,

I'm particularly interested in XRC [1] standard.

I think your effort, and efforts of people helping, may be a step to 
create XSLT templates to write wx abstract code to help people create 
easily wx UI without the huge effort to understand basics of wx.
wx documentation is intimidating (well like was Erlang documentation 
first time I looked at it many years ago :) ...) but much harder than it 
  to be able to write code quickly.

Those templates could be a plugin in usual build tools to handle .xrc 
files, like asn1 file are handled to create code.

If I can help, I will !

> My intention is to try and decompose wxErlang into a large number of
> small examples, where each example illustrates one feature of the
> system. Also so show how to build complex examples from the small
> parts.
> I'll make all the code available on github so you can join in the fun
> (is this fun?).

[1] http://docs.wxwidgets.org/trunk/overview_xrc.html

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