[erlang-questions] diameter server - overload protection

Aleksander Nycz Aleksander.Nycz@REDACTED
Thu Jul 6 11:41:34 CEST 2017


We try to implement overload protection into diameter server that uses 
erlang diameter-2.0 application.

Our overload policy use queuing time and queue lenght to determine if 
server is overloaded or not.

Currently it is quite hard to check when diameter packet was received by 
diameter stack,

so I would like to add to diameter_packet record (defined in 
diameter.hrl) receive_time field like this:

         {header,%% #diameter_header{} avps,%% deep list() of #diameter_avp{} msg,%% fully decoded message bin,%% binary received/sent over the wire errors = [],%% list() of Result-Code | {Result-Code, #diameter_avp{}} transport_data,
          *receive_time = erlang:monotonic_time() **%% integer()* }).

What do you think about it?

It will be possible to merge this into diameter app release with OTP 20.1?

Best Regards

Aleksander Nycz

Aleksander Nycz
Chief Designer
Telco_021 BSS R&D
Comarch SA
Phone:  +48 17 785 5909
Mobile: +48 691 464 275
website: www.comarch.pl

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