[erlang-questions] Ntp support in erlang

Jesper Louis Andersen jesper.louis.andersen@REDACTED
Wed Jan 25 13:09:21 CET 2017

I think you would normally run a separate NTP client which calls into the
kernel and sets the time accordingly. There are some very small NTP clients
out there. I know Poul Henning Kamp is currently planning to do some work
in the area[0] and ntimed is already there and a fairly small NTP client
(and only a client).

As for the Erlang support, there is a couple of write-ups on how it handles
the situation where the NTP client decides to move time suddenly. This is
called a "warp", and how you configure your ERTS determines how it reacts.
You have to pick the right solution for your situation:


[0] http://nwtime.org/projects/ntimed/

On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 9:31 AM Arun <arunp@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hi,
>      I am developing an erlang application which runs on a hardware
> device and the device is connected in a network where a dedicated ntp
> server is available. Now the difficulty what I am facing is that my
> system time is not getting synced with ntp server, is there any support
> available in erlang so that I can directly sync my system time with ntp
> server by directly providing ntp server address.
> Thanks in advance
> Arun
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