[erlang-questions] Overloaded function specifications as types

Dániel Szoboszlay dszoboszlay@REDACTED
Mon Jan 23 11:30:54 CET 2017

A function's type specification can be overloaded:

-spec foo(integer()) -> integer()
       ; (atom()) -> atom().

Is there a way I can use this overloaded function's type in non-spec
contexts? Like I want to say bar/1 takes a function as an argument that has
a spec like foo/1 above.

I can think of the following options, but neither of them is exactly what I

-spec bar(fun((integer() | atom()) -> integer() | atom())) -> ok.
%% Allows a function taking an integer and returning an atom.

-spec bar(fun((integer()) -> integer()) | fun((atom()) -> atom())) -> ok.
%% Allows fun erlang:atom_to_list/1, which doesn't work on integers at all.

Any better ideas? I'm sure Dialyzer can somehow represent internally the
overloaded function types, but is there a way I can write them myself?

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