[erlang-questions] Erlang basic doubts about String, message passing and context switching overhead

Mon Jan 16 09:03:54 CET 2017

Has anyone pointed out that there already exists an Erlang
binding for ICU?  The ICU Faq links to related projects
which links to icu4e:


I have never used this or even inspected it, I merely note
that it ALREADY EXISTS and is worth considering.

I looked at ICU4C years ago and recoiled in horror at the
vastness of it.  However, it does much more than just strings.
If you know what the CLDR is (and if you do Unicode, who
doesn't?) then you probably care that ICU handles that.
If you do any calendar arithmetic, you probably care that
ICU4C does calendar stuff (using CLDR) in addition to "just

(Of course if your timestamps are in UTC, it is logically
*impossible* to compute timestamps correctly past December
31 this year -- we have been promised no leap second in June --
and it is somewhere between fiendishly hard and dubious to
compute timestamps before 1 Jan 1972, but you already know
that.  I have no idea what ICU does about this issue.)

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