[erlang-questions] Port of Erlang (19.2) on AIX

REIX, Tony tony.reix@REDACTED
Fri Jan 13 15:24:18 CET 2017


I'd like to port Erlang/OTP on AIX.

After browsing several files and ReadMe files in the source and on Erlang web-site, it seems to me that AIX is not yet handled by Erlang.

I've already started to look at the code. And it appears that there is some assembler code for PowerPC, probably for Linux.

However, browsing the code, I see that it talks of ELF (AIX is XCOFF) and of AIX. I'm quite lost.
Moreover, I've read that only 32bit Linux/PowerPC is handled. No 64bits. Correct ?

I'd like to find information about:
  - which parts must be modified/extended for handling AIX (XCOFF) ?
  - which parts must be modified/extended for handling 64bit in addition to PowerPC 32bit ?

Any other information about where I have to look at for porting Erlang (v 19.2 now) on AIX would be very useful for me.



Tony Reix

ATOS/Bull company
Grenoble - FRANCE

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