[erlang-questions] Refactoring for edoc

Ilya Khaprov ilya.khaprov@REDACTED
Thu Jan 12 14:36:24 CET 2017


Why it generates different docs anyway?



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We've recently discovered that edoc generates much nicer documentation
when you write type specifications using `when` such as:

     -spec example(Number) -> {ok, Result} | {error, Reason}
          when  Number :: pos_integer(), Result = integer(), Reason :: term().

... rather than the more obvious:

     -spec example(Number :: pos_integer()) -> {ok, Result ::
integer()} | {error, Reason :: term()}.

So the question becomes how can we easily refactor all of our type
specifications to use the former method?  Is there a refactoring too
well suited to this job?

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