[erlang-questions] SSL: Getting master_secret and client_random (or premaster_secret)

Roger Lipscombe roger@REDACTED
Thu Jan 12 00:09:18 CET 2017

On 11 January 2017 at 21:06, Kenneth Lakin <kennethlakin@REDACTED> wrote:
> As to extracting the information of interest in the Erlang ssl library,
> The two-argument variant of the ssl:connection_info function looks
> promising.

I've not looked at the code, but that sounds like a sensible place to
graft this in, sure.

> It also looks like ssl_handshake has some exported premaster_secret
> functions, but I'd need to do a bit of reading to figure out how to make
> use of them.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that the functions in ssl_handshake
are used to generate premaster_secret and, from that, the
master_secret, etc. I only had a cursory glance, though.


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