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On 15 February 2017 at 12:06, Ferrer Guasch Vicent <
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> Hi all,
> I am trying to compile some 3GPP diameter applications.  The problem I
> have is that those standards have circular definitions between them. They
> have their own definitions and reused definitions from other standards.
> Below I included a simple example: To compile the Rx application I need
> the Gx beam and to compile the Gx application I need the Rx beam, this is
> because diameterc requires the beam file from the inherits. The module
> diameter_make also has the same restriction.
> I don't see any clear way to solve this issue without modifying the
> dictionaries. I could avoid the @inherits and define the AVPs locally, but
> some types are not so easy as the ones shown here and I would like to avoid
> defining AVPs twice. Am I missing something? Any idea on how to compile
> these?

I had a similar problem a while ago and I think I resorted to modifying the
dictionaries and copying AVP definitions. The only other way I can think of
is to move all the common AVPs into a separate dictionary and inherit from
that in both your Rx and Gx dictionaries. I haven't tried this approach but
it could work.

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