[erlang-questions] systemd and attach

Sid Muller sid5@REDACTED
Sun Dec 24 16:20:16 CET 2017

Hi there-

I am trying to get a rebar style application to work with systemd as a service and it's mostly working. The application comes up just as if I typed in "bin/test start" but when I type "bin/test attach" then the shell just hangs in this state:
root@REDACTED:/test# bin/test attach
Attaching to /tmp/erl_pipes/test/erlang.pipe.1 (^D to exit)


But when I run "systemctl stop test.service" and then "bin/test start" the "bin/test attach" works fine. I have not been able to get attach to work with systemd no matter what I try. My systemd script is:

Requires=network-online.target remote-fs-pre.target
After=network.target network-online.target
Conflicts=shutdown.target reboot.target
Before=shutdown.target reboot.target

ExecStart=/test/bin/test start
ExecStop=/test/bin/test stop
SuccessExitStatus=0 1


Does anyone have any suggestions? I am stumped.

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