[erlang-questions] patterns or best practices to shut applications down?

Xavier Noria fxn@REDACTED
Sat Dec 23 11:33:15 CET 2017

Let me see if I can explain this.

When getting into Erlang, I start to think more within the system. Say, a
long file upload could be done in a process, periodic tasks could be
running in the VM instead of cron, you could have a key-value store in
memory, etc. In the context of web development, for example, I think of
natural ways to leverage processes that in other systems would normally be
delegated to external services.

Kinda what the famous table in Elixir in Action has, I guess.

But there's something that bugs me and prevents me from imagining complete
and round solutions, which is shutting down. When shutting down (think
autoescaling, deploys, etc.). I have a live system that needs to stop

Are there patterns or best practises about how to design this aspect of the
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