[erlang-questions] Inspecting a process's binaries

Roger Lipscombe roger@REDACTED
Mon Dec 18 15:29:16 CET 2017

I can get a list of binaries for a process with process_info(Pid,
binary), which returns {binary, [{Id, Size, NRefs},...]}.

Given the Id (which looks like 140327404952984, for example), can I
find out what's *in* that binary?

Context: I've got a custom supervisor process; when I get a list of
binaries, it has a number of ~1.5KB binaries associated with it, which
is a bit of a surprise, because I can't see where they'd have come
from (it's only invoked via gen_server:call, from another node, so I
don't see how it'd be holding sub-binaries, for example).

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