[erlang-questions] Erlang Inside

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Fri Dec 8 12:38:31 CET 2017

Erlang is often deployed as a major component in a program, but this
fact is often not widely known.

"Erlang inside" means an Erlang run-time is a part of the system.
So an App written in Elixir, with cowboy, or riak can be in the list.

I'd like to keep a list of systems with "Erlang Inside" - this is useful
for PR.

I'd like:

   1) The information to be public (no commercial secrets please)
       [urls, or references please]
   2) Name and description of product/program and
       [short summary]
   3) Dates when the information was known to be true
   4) Estimates of #systems shipped with Erlang inside
   5) Estimates of the number of users served by the SW
   6) Contact person
       [some person who can be contacted occasionally to
        update the information] -
        No essential but better than "I heard it from a dev in a pub"
   7) The major dependencies (ie uses cowboy, riak, or
        Appname -> Elixir -> cowboy)
   8) Other
       [what is missing?]

Examples (off the top of my head) Sonic Pi, NHS database Spine2,

You can add to this list by adding a post to this thread or by mailing
me (off-list).



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