[erlang-questions] GUI development with Erlang

Thu Dec 7 14:04:07 CET 2017

I have been using wxErlang on some projects and I don't find it too
hard. I make the GUI in separate processes and communicate with the
application using regular erlang message passing. 
Using the wx_object, it is practically a breeze. It is like programming
a gen_server. I even run the GUI processes supervised, to allow me to
"let it crash".
Also, you can use wxFormBuilder to do the layout and use the generated
PHP or LUA code to figure out what you need to do in wxErlang. I suppose
you could even write a parser to generate your erlang code from those.
So I am curious. What is that you find so hard about it? And what makes
it easier with C# or the like? 

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Thanks Alex.  I had thought of that but was trying to make this a pure
Erlang application.  This is most likely the approach I will end up
taking unless I decide to pursue wxErlang, but that is probably a little

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For what it's worth, you can always implement your view and controller
in something like C#/F#, and your model in Erlang, and hook them up via
TCP. Alternatively, there was an Erlang-toF# compiler floating around I

2017-12-03 22:43 GMT+03:00 Alan Gingras <alangingras@REDACTED
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Has anyone tried using Windows Forms (.net) with Erlang?  This would be
in a similar fashion to way Python can use Windows Forms.  On Linux I
believe this would be Mono
(http://www.mono-project.com/docs/gui/winforms/).  Basically I think I?m
looking for something similar to Python?s ?import? and C#?s ?using?
features.  If no one has anything, any hints on how a feature like this
might be implemented.

Basically, I have been working on implementing genetic programming in
Erlang and would like to provide a GUI front end.  The WxWidgets front
end that comes with Erlang is difficult at best.  I?ve used several
different GUI kits on *nix and Windows platforms but WxWidgets seems the
most difficult for me.  So I?m trying to see what else is available.  I
followed Joe Armstrong?s quest earlier this year and didn?t see where he
came up with anything.



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