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Thanks Alex.  I had thought of that but was trying to make this a pure Erlang application.  This is most likely the approach I will end up taking unless I decide to pursue wxErlang, but that is probably a little unlikely.



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For what it's worth, you can always implement your view and controller in something like C#/F#, and your model in Erlang, and hook them up via TCP. Alternatively, there was an Erlang-toF# compiler floating around I believe.


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Has anyone tried using Windows Forms (.net) with Erlang?  This would be in a similar fashion to way Python can use Windows Forms.  On Linux I believe this would be Mono (http://www.mono-project.com/docs/gui/winforms/).  Basically I think I’m looking for something similar to Python’s “import” and C#’s “using” features.  If no one has anything, any hints on how a feature like this might be implemented.


Basically, I have been working on implementing genetic programming in Erlang and would like to provide a GUI front end.  The WxWidgets front end that comes with Erlang is difficult at best.  I’ve used several different GUI kits on *nix and Windows platforms but WxWidgets seems the most difficult for me.  So I’m trying to see what else is available.  I followed Joe Armstrong’s quest earlier this year and didn’t see where he came up with anything.




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