[erlang-questions] steady_vector - Array-like collection of values optimized for tail manipulation

Guilherme Andrade g@REDACTED
Mon Dec 4 01:51:41 CET 2017

Hi list,

I'm please to announce the release of steady_vector 1.0.0, an Erlang port
of Dmitry Kakurin's work on PersistentVector[1] for Elixir, which in turn
was based on Clojure's implementation[2].

The ideal use case for steady_vector is when one needs to build an
array-like structure by repeatedly appending values to the end *and*
random-access reads and writes are frequent; the benchmark results are

Useful links:
* API reference:
* Hex.pm package: https://hex.pm/packages/steady_vector
* Source code: https://github.com/g-andrade/steady_vector


[1]: https://github.com/Dimagog/persistent_vector
[2]: http://hypirion.com/musings/understanding-persistent-vector-pt-1

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