[erlang-questions] Some ideas for the shell.

Richard A. O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Mon Dec 4 01:09:03 CET 2017

There are two things that would make life easier for me using the
Erlang shell, and I thought I'd ask for thoughts here before writing
them up as EEPs.

(1) import(Module, Functions)
     where Functions is a list of {Name,Arity} pairs.
     Effect: calls to that function from the shell don't need a
     Module prefix, just like -import directives in files.

     Reason: I often want to call a function or a small number of
     functions many times to explore it or test it.

(2) include(FileName)
     Effect: reads FileName as a sequence of Erlang expressions and
     interprets them as if typed into the same shell.

     Reason: set up constants and imports.

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